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Author: Katie Barlow

Katie Barlow


Media Editor

Katie is a journalist and former lawyer at a large international law firm in Washington, D.C. As a journalist, she has covered Capitol Hill with WTOP, including Justice Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearing, as well as the Supreme Court with NPR’s Nina Totenberg. She hosts a political podcast called Words Matter. She also co-founded Circuit Breaker, a website that provided news and information about the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. As a lawyer, she practiced white collar defense and civil litigation with a focus on the Anti-Terrorism Act. She received dual degrees in political science and broadcast journalism from the University of Georgia and a J.D. from Georgetown Law. Katie is a longtime lover of Washington. If she is not solo traveling around the globe, you can often find her running down the mall with her pup. Follow her on Twitter @katieleebarlow and on TikTok @scotusblog.

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