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Supreme Court curtails Clean Water Act

The justices ruled in favor of an Idaho couple on Thursday whose efforts to build on land near Priest Lake were deemed illegal by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act. The court said that the land does not constitute a wetland under the CWA.

Lake with trees in the foreground

Priest Lake, the body of water near Michael and Chantell Sackett’s property in Idaho. (APete via Shutterstock)


Israeli citizen challenges U.S. wire-fraud conviction for foreign financial scheme

 at 10:52 a.m.

A weekly look at new and notable petitions seeking Supreme Court review. This week: An Israeli woman convicted of wire fraud in the United States asks the justices to consider whether the federal wire-fraud statute applies extraterritorially or is limited to domestic applications.


Justices rule Minnesota county violated takings clause

 at 12:09 p.m.

The court ruled that Hennepin County illegally kept funds from the sale of Geraldine Tyler’s condo after she failed to pay property taxes. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that while the county can recover the $15,000 that she owes, it cannot “use the toehold of the tax debt to confiscate more property than was due.”


Acquitted-conduct sentencing returns

 at 2:02 p.m.

A regular round-up of “relisted” petitions. This week: the controversy over acquitted-conduct sentencing returns to the Supreme Court; allegations of racially discriminatory felon disenfranchisement; and whether a death-row prisoner should be permitted to introduce evidence of good behavior in prison.