Jon Levitan Former Deputy Blog Manager

Jon served as Deputy Blog Manager from 2017 to 2019. He graduated in 2017 from Cornell University with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He will attend Harvard Law School starting in fall 2019.

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06.28.19 Video: Tom Goldstein and Sarah Harrington recap OT2018 with Casetext
06.27.19 Afternoon round-up: Rucho v. Common Cause
06.27.19 Afternoon round-up: Department of Commerce v. New York
06.20.19 Afternoon round-up: The American Legion v. American Humanist Association
06.18.19 Event announcement: ACS term review panel in San Francisco
06.14.19 Event announcement: ACS term review panel in Washington
05.07.19 Event announcement: CLE webinar on Timbs v. Indiana
04.24.19 Event announcement: Home stretch panel in Washington, D.C.
03.26.19 Afternoon round-up: Today’s oral argument in partisan gerrymandering cases
03.12.19 Event announcement: Robert H. Jackson Lecture on Supreme Court at Chautauqua Institution
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