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On this page, we keep ongoing statistics for the October 2022 term – dispositions by sitting, majority opinions authored by sitting, pace of grants, pace of decisions and the circuit scorecard. Our most recent Stat Pack, which includes these and other variables for the October 2021 term, can be found here (published July 1, 2022). Previous editions of the Stat Pack can be found in the Stat Pack archive.

Arguments by Sitting

Majority Opinions Authored by Sitting

Pace of Grants

The Minimum Distribution Pace presented in this chart reflects the number of petitions that must be granted to fill the court’s docket for oral argument while giving the litigants in each case a complete or near-complete briefing schedule. The pace also reflects the number of petitions raised at each conference and other factors affecting the certiorari process.

*The jump in OT20 grants in the April #1 wave signifies the court’s decision on April 13, 2020, to reschedule 10 cases from OT19 to OT20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pace of Decisions


Circuit Scorecard

Justice Agreement