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This week, we are hosting a symposium before oral argument on March 4 in June Medical Services v. Gee. Click to read the contributions.

Rory Little Criminal Law

Rory Little is a visiting professor at Yale Law School, Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, a former clerk to Justices Potter Stewart (ret.) and William Brennan, and author of the American Bar Association’s “Annual Review of the Supreme Court’s Term, Criminal Cases.” He is also “Of Counsel” to the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery on discrete appellate matters.

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12.11.19 Argument analysis: Court likely to rule that a defendant preserves appellate challenge to length of sentence merely by arguing for lower one, but precise wording of opinion will be important
12.03.19 Argument preview: What arguments are preserved, and how, in federal sentencing appeals?
09.09.19 Overview of the court’s criminal docket for OT 19 – sizeable and significant
06.10.19 Opinion analysis: A straightforward definition of burglary for ACCA
04.25.19 Argument analysis: ACCA argument becomes a broader discussion of statutory interpretation
04.17.19 Argument preview: When must criminal intent be developed for an unlawful trespass to become a burglary?
01.16.19 Opinion analysis: Interesting 5-4 coalition holds that the ACCA reaches robberies that require force sufficient to overcome resistance (Corrected)
12.10.18 Opinion analysis: Justices hold their fire on the ACCA, unanimously agreeing that “burglary” includes vehicles “adapted or customarily used” for overnight sleeping
10.10.18 Argument analysis: Trying to define “robbery” and “burglary,” justices confront the jurisprudential “mess” of the ACCA
10.02.18 Argument preview: What vehicle burglaries, if any, count for enhancing Armed Career Criminal Act sentences?
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