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On Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., the justices are expected to release orders from their October 11 conference.
On Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., the justices will hear oral argument in Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico v. Aurelius Investment, LLC. Click to read Amy Howe's preview.

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02.22.18 Opinion analysis: Divided court holds more of prisoners’ damages awards must go to attorney’s fees
12.07.17 Argument analysis: What does it take to satisfy an award of attorney’s fees?
11.29.17 Argument preview: Who should pay attorneys who win on behalf of prisoners?
05.23.17 Opinion analysis: Court offers clear statement of black letter law on international service by mail
04.04.17 Opinion analysis: Court unanimously adopts abuse-of-discretion review for district court decisions to enforce EEOC subpoenas
03.23.17 Argument analysis: The court dives into Water Splash
03.15.17 Argument preview: Legal interpretation in an unconventional context
02.22.17 Argument analysis: Discretion all the way down?
02.14.17 Argument preview: Feats of strength and standards of review
08.28.15 Symposium: Another battle in the war over union fees
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