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04.07.20 Opinion analysis: Federal employees need not show “but-for causation” to establish age discrimination liability
01.16.20 Argument analysis: May a federal employer say “OK, boomer” to a job applicant?
01.08.20 Argument preview: What counts as discrimination “based on” age?
06.04.19 Opinion analysis: Administrative exhaustion is not jurisdictional for employment-discrimination plaintiffs
04.25.19 Opinion analysis: The meaning of consent to class arbitration
04.23.19 Argument analysis: Employment discrimination law’s “natural experiment”
04.15.19 Argument preview: Administrative exhaustion is mandatory, but is it also jurisdictional?
11.06.18 Opinion analysis: Federal age-discrimination law applies to all public employees
10.30.18 Argument analysis: The familiar divide in arbitration cases re-emerges
10.22.18 Argument preview: How should courts decide if parties to an arbitration contract may aggregate their claims?
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