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A podcast hosted by SCOTUSblog contributors, SCOTUStalk takes a “plain English” look at events and topics relating to the Supreme Court.

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10.17.19 Are we all textualists now?: Amy Howe and Kevin Russell discuss oral arguments in LGBT employment discrimination cases
10.07.19 SCOTUStalk joins We the People podcast to preview the new term
09.30.19 SCOTUS spotlight: Tony Mauro on the Supreme Court beat
08.20.19 SCOTUS spotlight: William Jay on oral advocacy
08.12.19 SCOTUS spotlight: Paul Smith on oral advocacy
07.09.19 Tom Goldstein and Sarah Harrington review past Supreme Court term with Casetext’s Laura Safdie
06.25.19 From 12 to 8: Final countdown at the Supreme Court
06.19.19 Monday at the Supreme Court: Four opinions and a GVR
06.10.19 The final three weeks of October term 2018
05.20.19 Tom Goldstein and David Savage talk through abortion, precedent and the Supreme Court
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