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Since October, SCOTUSblog has been outside the Supreme Court collecting data and stories from people who traveled to see oral arguments in person during the 2019 term. Click to follow along with the month-long release of our Courtroom Access project.

Cases in the Pipeline

News about cases the court is considering whether to hear on the merits, as well as “Relist Watch,” “Petition of the day” and “Petitions to watch”

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04.08.20 Petitions of the week
04.07.20 Relist Watch: Kalsarikännit edition
04.06.20 No new grants today
04.02.20 Petitions of the week
04.01.20 Relist Watch: Life during wartime
03.26.20 Petitions of the week
03.25.20 Relist Watch: 100 years of solitude
03.23.20 No new grants, but a rebuke for the 5th Circuit
03.23.20 A note on certiorari deadlines under the court’s new procedures
03.19.20 Court extends filing deadlines in response to coronavirus
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