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04.21.20 Courtroom access: SCOTUStalk stands in line for Supreme Court seats
03.12.20 Abortion and the structure of the CFPB: Marcia Coyle joins Amy Howe to discuss last week’s oral arguments
02.21.20 2020 Supreme Court Preview presented by Casetext (part two)
01.29.20 2020 Supreme Court Preview presented by Casetext (part one)
10.17.19 Are we all textualists now?: Amy Howe and Kevin Russell discuss oral arguments in LGBT employment discrimination cases
10.07.19 SCOTUStalk joins We the People podcast to preview the new term
09.30.19 SCOTUS spotlight: Tony Mauro on the Supreme Court beat
08.20.19 SCOTUS spotlight: William Jay on oral advocacy
08.12.19 SCOTUS spotlight: Paul Smith on oral advocacy
07.09.19 Tom Goldstein and Sarah Harrington review past Supreme Court term with Casetext’s Laura Safdie
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