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Since October, SCOTUSblog has been outside the Supreme Court collecting data and stories from people who traveled to see oral arguments in person during the 2019 term. Click to follow along with the month-long release of our Courtroom Access project.

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06.19.19 Monday at the Supreme Court: Four opinions and a GVR
06.10.19 The final three weeks of October term 2018
05.20.19 Tom Goldstein and David Savage talk through abortion, precedent and the Supreme Court
05.13.19 SCOTUS spotlight: John Elwood on petitions for certiorari
05.06.19 “Because of sex”: Tom Goldstein and Kevin Russell join Amy Howe to discuss new cases involving whether federal employment discrimination laws protect LGBT employees
04.29.19 Judicial enumeration: Amy Howe and Kimberly Robinson count five justices for the citizenship question in Department of Commerce v. New York
04.22.19 A trademark case with colorful language: Amy Howe and Mark Walsh talk through Iancu v. Brunetti
04.15.19 Spring in Washington: Retirement talk
03.25.19 FWOTSC: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on the Supreme Court
03.18.19 SCOTUS spotlight: Life at OSG
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