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February argument calendar, day by day

The Supreme Court on Monday released the calendar of oral arguments for the sitting that begins on Tuesday, February 19.  The schedule shows one hour of oral argument on Wednesday, February 27, on the constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  The day-to-day listing, with a brief summary of the issues, follows the jump.  There are no afternoon arguments.  Morning arguments begin at 10 a.m.

Monday, February 18 — Legal holiday; no arguments

Tuesday, February 19:

11-10362 Millbrook v. United Statesright to sue federal prison guards for sexual assault on inmate (includes an amicus appointed to defend lower court ruling)

11-796 Bowman v. Monsanto Co. — rights of patent owner on a product such as a seed for a farm crop that will replicate itself

Wednesday, February 20:

12-17 McBurney v. Youngconstitutionality of denial of non-resident access to state public records

12-48 PPL Corporation v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue — definition of foreign tax credit under U.S. tax code

Monday, February 25:

12-126 — McQuiggin v. Perkinseffect of claim of innocence on federal habeas filing deadline

11-10189 — Trevino v. Thaler — procedural bar to claim of ineffective defense attorney in state cases

Tuesday, February 26:

12-62 Peugh v. United States — right to sentencing at a lower range in effect at the time of the crime

12-207 Maryland v. Kingconstitutionality of taking DNA sample involuntarily from person arrested but not yet convicted

Wednesday, February 27:

12-96 Shelby County v. Holder — constitutionality of Sections 4(b) and 5 of 1965 Voting Rights Act (grant limited to question as re-written by the Court)

12-133 American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurantbar on class arbitration for antitrust claim on credit card “swipe fees” (Justice Sotomayor is recused)


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