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Petitions to watch | Conference of June 28, 2012

At its June 28, 2012 Conference (the last of the Term), the Court will consider petitions on which it did not act in last week’s Conference, as well as petitions that were being held until the Court issued decisions on the merits in cases presenting similar questions.  Among the issues that the Court will consider are standing to seek a tax refund on equal protection grounds, a challenge to the scarcity doctrine of  Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC, and whether the Confrontation Clause prohibits testimony when the jury is likely to infer the substance of an out-of-court testimonial statement.

This edition of “Petitions to watch” features petitions raising issues that Tom has determined to have a reasonable chance of being granted, although we post them here without consideration of whether they present appropriate vehicles in which to decide those issues.








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