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The opinion in the health care cases is here.

Our health-care coverage:

Lyle’s report on the Court’s decision to uphold the mandate is here.

Lyle’s report on the Medicaid portion of the decision is here.

Amy’s report on the decision “In Plain English” is here.

Our post-decision symposium featuring guest commentary on the opinion can be found here.

Kevin’s report on the Medicaid portion of the decision is here (with a supplement here).

Tejinder’s report on the Anti-Injunction Act portion of the decision is here.

A replay of the live blog and an ongoing round-up of coverage is here. (Completed 4:00)


Our webcast with Kaiser Health News featuring Tom and Lyle is here.

A podcast of Tom talking with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg is here.

Our non-health care coverage:

Tejinder’s post on the other two decisions today, Alvarez and First American Financial is here.

Tejinder’s opinion analysis of the Stolen Valor Act opinion is here.

Kevin’s analysis of First American is here.



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