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Six Uighurs resettled

Six of the 13 Chinese Muslim (Uighur) detainees seeking their release in a Supreme Court case were transferred early Saturday to live in the island nation of Palau, their attorneys disclosed this afternoon.  The 13, no longer considered enemies, have been at Guantanamo Bay for nearly seven and a half years.  They were granted review by the Court on Oct. 20 in Kiyemba, et al., v. Obama, et al. (08-1234).  The case is expected to be heard in February or March.  Of the seven Uighurs remaining at Guantanamo, one has been offered no opportunity for resettlement.  The potential transfers of the other six remains uncertain.

Resettled in Palau were Edham Mamet, Ahmad Tourson, Enver Hassan, Dawut Abdurehim, Abdul Ghaffar and Adel Noori.  The Uighurs still at Guantanamo are Arkin Mahmud and Bahtiyar Mahnut, who are brothers; Hammad Memet, Abdul Razakah, Abdul Sabour, Khalid Ali and Sabir Osman.  All but Mahmud have been offered resettlement, but that has not yet occurred.