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Garre Confirmed as Solicitor General

According to sources in the Justice Department and Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate on Thursday confirmed Gregory G. Garre as United States Solicitor General. (See here for record of confirmation.) Garre, 43, had served as Acting Solicitor General since Paul D. Clement stepped down in June. Garre joined the office in 2000, serving as an Assistant to the Solicitor General until 2004 and as Principal Deputy Solicitor General since 2005. Following graduation from George Washington University Law School in 1991, he served as a clerk to Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.

Garre argued five cases before the Supreme Court last term: for the respondent in Gomez-Perez v. Potter (06-1231) and Munaf v. Geren (06-1666); as amicus supporting the respondent in Board of Education of New York v. Tom F. (06-637) and Baze v. Rees (07-5439); and as amicus supporting the petitioner in Sprint/United Management v. Mendelsohn (06-1221).