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An Index to Today’s Posts

Concluding the Term, the Supreme Court decided three cases today: the opinion in the school cases is here; the Panetti opinion is here; and the Leegin Creative opinion is here. During this morning’s session, Jason provided live updates from the Court in this post. Lyle has this initial post on the Court’s school assignment decision and this post on the antitrust and capital rulings. He also reports on the Chief’s closing remarks here. A visual of the voting breakdown in the school decision is available here and Ben Winograd has this post on the widely noted conclusion to Justice Stevens’ dissent.

Lyle posted this primer on the school cases. Tom analyzes Justice Kennedy’s concurrence here. Michael Rosman has these comments on the majority opinion and Kennedy’s concurrence and Hans Bader weighs in on the decision here. Lyle adds this commentary on the decision and Kennedy’s influential vote and Bob Driscoll weighs in here on the decision’s import.

Amy has this post on the decision in the Panetti v. Quarterman capital case.

A Super StatPack providing end-of-Term statistics and analysis is now available here – thanks to Jason, Ben & Adam. Jason also has data on the remarkable Term that Justice Kennedy put together here. And I collect news and blog coverage of today’s opinions in this post, which will be updated throughout the afternoon.

Lastly, Tom has this post on SCOTUSblog’s momentous 100,000 hit day.