Special Feature: Symposium on Justice Ginsburg’s jurisprudence

Gonzaga University School of Law held a virtual roundtable with seven panelists discussing the impact of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s jurisprudence on their area of legal expertise. Click here to watch a recording of the discussion (the password is @@Jm85zA).

Date Author Post Title
10.13.20 Symposium: Ginsburg’s abortion jurisprudence prioritized women’s health
10.09.20 Symposium: The liberal, yet powerful, feminism of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
10.05.20 Symposium: Ginsburg, the death penalty and strategic gradualism
10.01.20 Symposium: Ginsburg’s equal-protection legacy and the dismantling of sex-based stereotypes
10.01.20 Symposium: Procedural equality in Ginsburg’s criminal justice decisions
09.29.20 Symposium: Ginsburg was a champion of voting rights, but mostly in dissent
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