Richard Hasen Guest

Date Post Title
08.30.16 The Court after Scalia: Standing at the crossroads on voting rights
07.31.15 Symposium: Ideology, partisanship, and the new “one person, one vote” case
03.25.15 Opinion analysis: A small victory for minority voters, or a case with “profound” constitutional implications?
11.12.14 Argument analysis: Hitting the “sweet spot” on race, party, and redistricting?
10.30.14 Argument preview: Racial gerrymandering, partisan politics, and the future of the Voting Rights Act
04.03.14 Symposium: Does the Chief Justice not understand politics, or does he understand it all too well?
06.25.13 The curious disappearance of Boerne and the future jurisprudence of voting rights and race
01.29.13 Scholarship highlight: End of the Supreme Court-Congress dialogue?
10.24.12 Scholarship highlight: How the Justices move the law
09.10.12 Online VRA symposium: The Voting Rights Act, Congressional silence, and the political polarization
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