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This week at the court

The Supreme Court released orders from the April 20 conference on Monday. The justices added two cases to their docket for next term, United States v. Stitt and United States v. Sims, consolidated for one hour of argument. The justices also called for the views of the solicitor general in EVE-USA Inc. v. Mentor Graphics Corp.

On Tuesday the justices released their opinions in Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLCSAS Institute Inc. v. Iancu and Jesner v. Arab Bank, PLC.

On Monday the justices heard oral argument in Lucia v. Securities and Exchange Commission, Pereira v. Sessions and Chavez-Meza v. United States.

On Tuesday the justices heard oral argument in Abbott v. Perez and Animal Science Products Inc. v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

On Wednesday the justices heard oral argument in Trump v. Hawaii.

On Friday the justices met for their April 27 conference; our “petitions to watch” for that conference is available at this link.

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