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The opinion in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby is here. The opinion in Harris v. Quinn is here.

Opinion coverage:

  • Lyle’s report on the opinion in Hobby Lobby is here.
  • Kevin’s analysis of Hobby Lobby is here.
  • Amy’s report on Hobby Lobby “In Plain English” is here.
  • Lyle’s report on Harris v. Quinn is here.
  • An archived version of the live blog is here. 


  • The first post in our Hobby Lobby symposium, from Ayesha Khan, is here, and the next [New: 9:07] from Kent Greenfield, is here; [New: 10:21] Travis Weber’s post is here.
  • John Eastman begins our symposium on Harris v. Quinnhere. [New: 9:48] Sam Bagenstos’s symposium post is here.

Other coverage: 

  • [New: 9:44] Thomas’s evening round-up is here.
  • [New: 9:01] John Elwood’s Relist Watch is here.
  • Lyle’s post on the orders is here.
  • Mark Walsh’s “View from the Court” column is here.
  • Kedar’s final OT 13 stat pack is here.

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