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Breaking news from the court, including orders, stays and calendar releases; nomination and confirmation news; “A ‘view’ from the courtroom” and related features; and coverage of the justices’ public appearances. (Argument and opinion analyses, along with links to transcripts and audios from oral arguments, can be found in the “Merits Cases” category.)

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05.30.20 Court declines to lift restrictions on crowds at church services (UPDATED)
05.29.20 Senators ask Supreme Court to continue with live audio
05.21.20 Public approves of live access to Supreme Court arguments, polls show
05.20.20 Government asks court to block Ohio COVID-19 prisoner transfer
05.05.20 Ginsburg hospitalized with “benign gall bladder condition”
05.04.20 A “view” from my laptop: Arguments.com
04.13.20 New York asks justices for temporary pause of “public charge” rule
04.13.20 Court sets cases for May telephone arguments, will make live audio available
04.11.20 Texas abortion dispute reaches Supreme Court (Updated)
04.06.20 Justices block extension of absentee ballot deadline in Wisconsin
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