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08.17.17 Symposium: It’s time to abandon anti-commandeering (but don’t count on this Supreme Court to do it)
06.06.16 Opinion analysis: Plain language rules the day (and keeps a claim alive) in prisoner-rights suit
03.23.16 Argument analysis: Court splits on viability of Bivens claim after FTCA dismissal
03.15.16 Argument preview: When does a court’s dismissal of a prisoner’s Federal Tort Claims Act case foreclose a parallel Bivens claim?
06.30.15 Symposium: The Wonderland rules for method-of-execution claims
06.24.13 Opinion analysis: A modest ruling, or vast federal authority?
04.18.13 Argument review: Looking for limits on congressional authority
04.11.13 Argument preview: Can Congress punish a former sex offender for failure to register?
01.25.12 Opinion analysis: An exercise in statutory construction
10.05.11 Standing for sex offenders: Oral argument review in Reynolds v. United States
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