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We're hosting a symposium on the Supreme Court's shadow docket. Click here to follow along.

Steve Vladeck Guest

Stephen I. Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) is a professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law. His teaching and research focus on federal jurisdiction, constitutional law (especially the separation of powers), national security law, and international criminal law.

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10.22.20 Symposium: The solicitor general, the shadow docket and the Kennedy effect
09.28.20 October Term 2020 and the specter of (a lot of) mootness
06.03.20 Opinion analysis: Justices reaffirm distinction between first and second habeas petitions
12.06.19 Argument analysis: Justices seem likely to side with Texas prisoner in important habeas case
11.27.19 Argument preview: Justices to consider when a Rule 59 motion is actually a second-or-successive habeas petition
11.25.19 The solicitor general files brief in President Trump’s challenge to New York subpoena
11.15.19 President Trump’s taxes reach the Supreme Court
10.16.19 Executive privilege, Congress’ subpoena power, and the courts: A brief overview of a complex topic
07.27.19 Academic highlight: The quiet doctrinal shift (likely) behind the border-wall stay
12.20.18 Power versus discretion: Extraordinary relief and the Supreme Court
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