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Danielle D'Onfro Guest

Danielle D’Onfro is Associate Professor of Law at Washington University in St. Louis. She was previously a member of the bankruptcy & financial restructuring group at WilmerHale.

Date Post Title
12.11.19 Opinion analysis: A very narrow decision to start the term
10.18.19 Argument analysis: “Not a paragon of clarity”
10.10.19 Argument preview: A conflict between plain text and background rules
03.22.19 Opinion analysis: An extremely narrow Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ruling
01.09.19 Argument analysis: Searching for the least unnatural reading
12.31.18 Argument preview: Is foreclosure debt collection?
06.05.18 Opinion analysis: Justices confirm that “respecting” means “relating to” in the Bankruptcy Code
04.18.18 Argument analysis: When neither baseball nor Vermeer analogies persuade the court
04.10.18 Argument preview: Court to decide whether Bankruptcy Code protects dishonest debtors
08.11.17 Surprise dismissal of bankruptcy case seemingly prompted by change in claim ownership
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