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Case Page: Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt 10/25/2015

Case Page: District of Columbia v. Heller 09/19/2010

Archive: McDonald v. Chicago Debate 11/02/2010

Relist Watch 01/21/2021

Petitions of the week: Three Second Amendment petitions and a Wiretap Act claim against Facebook 01/15/2021

Blockbuster Watch 01/13/2021

Petitions of the week: Telework taxation, a Kentucky abortion law, background checks at traffic stops and more 12/04/2020

Symposium: Barrett’s history-first approach to the Second Amendment 10/20/2020

Symposium: Ginsburg’s abortion jurisprudence prioritized women’s health 10/13/2020

Petitions of the week: Abortion, alcohol, appointments and more 07/30/2020

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