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Tuesday round-up

Election Day is finally here. For the past two months, SCOTUSblog, in partnership with Election Law at Ohio State, has been tracking major election-related litigation in the lower courts, with a focus on cases that have the most potential to reach the Supreme Court. The justices have already resolved some of those cases, but others remain live controversies with the potential to become pivotal if post-election legal challenges occur. For all the latest developments on important cases, follow our 2020 Election Litigation Tracker.

Meanwhile, as voters across the nation elect members of the other two branches, the Supreme Court continues its regular work, with oral arguments Tuesday in a pair of criminal cases. In Jones v. Mississippi, the court will, for the third time in a decade, take up the issue of life sentences without parole for juveniles (our case preview is here). And in Borden v. United States, the court will consider whether reckless crimes trigger enhanced penalties under the Armed Career Criminal Act (our case preview is here).

Here’s a round-up of other Supreme Court-related news and commentary from around the web:

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