• At Reuters, Lawrence Hurley reports that the Supreme Court “could decide this week on whether to hear appeals from [President Donald] Trump in three cases he has lost in lower courts” involving his “efforts to shield his tax returns and other financial records from scrutiny.”
  • Kristin Lam reports at USA Today (via How Appealing) that “[a] judge has recommended the Supreme Court side with Georgia over Florida in a decades-long water dispute.”
  • Amy Howe analyzes Wednesday’s oral argument in McKinney v. Arizona, which asks what kind of new sentencing proceeding a death-row inmate was entitled to after a federal court of appeals threw out his original sentence, for this blog, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court.

  • At The Marshall Project, Andrew Cohen notes that the court “refused on Monday to intercede in one of the biggest judicial scandals in modern Louisiana history,” whose “underlying facts  … turn on systemic judicial misconduct in Louisiana that is unusual even by the standards of one of the most perennially troubled justice systems in the nation.”
  • At PatentlyO, Dennis Crouch comments on Peter v. NantKwest, in which the court held this week that that the Patent and Trademark Office cannot recover the salaries of its legal personnel in a district-court proceeding contesting the denial of a patent, concluding that the court “correctly decided the case … based upon the tradition and long history of the ‘American rule’ that is also supported by are culture of providing access to the courts.”
  • In the latest episode of the Heritage Foundation’s SCOTUS 101 podcast, “[t]he Daily Caller’s Kevin Daley joins Elizabeth Slattery to break down recent opinions, orders, and oral argument in the fifth Obamacare case at the Supreme Court.”

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