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Monday round-up


  • Richard Wolf reports for USA Today on litigation in the Supreme Court over Trump administration initiatives, noting that since Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s “high-wire confirmation last fall, the justices have sought a lower profile, although not always with success.”
  • At CNN, Joan Biskupic writes that several “formal ethics grievances filed against Kavanaugh” “have been appealed to a conduct committee of the US Judicial Conference, the top policy-making arm of the third branch.”
  • At AP, Jessica Gresko reports that after Justice Clarence Thomas’ 28-year stint on the Supreme Court, “[i]t may finally be his moment”: He is “the longest-serving member of a court that has recently gotten more conservative, putting him in a unique and potentially powerful position, and he’s said he doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.”
  • Jess Bravin reports for The Wall Street Journal that “[w]hile a consensus appears to be forming among lower courts that extreme partisanship, like racial gerrymanders, can be remedied through litigation, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority appeared far from convinced during March arguments over congressional maps in Maryland and North Carolina drawn by Democrats and Republicans, respectively, to disadvantage the other party.”

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Recommended Citation: Edith Roberts, Monday round-up, SCOTUSblog (May. 6, 2019, 6:44 AM),