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Monday round-up


  • At the Pew Research Center’s FactTank blog, Kristen Bialik discusses a new Pew report showing that “[a] majority of Americans (55%) now say the U.S. Supreme Court should base its rulings on what the Constitution “means in current times,” while 41% say rulings should be based on what it “meant as originally written,” representing “a shift in public opinion, which was divided on this question for more than a decade.”
  • At Legal Sports Report, Ryan Rodenberg notes that “[a]fter nearly six years of sustained litigation, the US Supreme Court sports betting case could be decided anytime between Monday and the end of June,” and lists “the most memorable quotes from lawyers, judges, and sports league executives in various court proceedings leading up to the dispute landing on the Supreme Court’s steps.”
  • At In Defense of Liberty, Timothy Sandefur urges the court to review a challenge to “a Missouri law making it illegal to braid hair for a living without government permission—and requiring extensive training and education before people can get that permission,” which presents “the question of whether the rational basis test really allows judges to simply make things up.”
  • At Potomac Litigation, Tom Cummins looks at “two data privacy class actions [on] next fall’s docket: Lamps Plus, Inc. v. Varela[, which] concerns a threshold issue, when plaintiffs can proceed as a class in arbitration[, and] Frank v. Gaos[, which] concerns an ultimate issue, securing court approval of a class settlement (and not just any settlement — but one in which you yourself are a class member, assuming that you’ve used Google).”
  • At The National Law Journal, Tony Mauro calls “RBG,” the new documentary about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “a very accessible movie about the human and professional sides of an increasingly larger-than-life judicial icon, now 85.”

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