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Wednesday round-up

Continued coverage and commentary on President Donald Trump’s nomination last night of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court dominates today’s news. Coverage of the nomination comes from Mark Matthews and others in the Denver Post; Richard Wolf of USA Today; Mark Sherman at the Associated Press; Mark Walsh at Education Week’s School Law Blog, who looks at Gorsuch’s record in education cases; Philip Rucker in The Washington Post and Jeff Mason and Steve Holland of Reuters, who focus on how the White House kept the nomination secret; S.A. Miller in The Washington Times; Domenico Montanaro at NPR, who distills the nomination into a series of tweets by those involved; and Kevin Daley at The Daily Caller.

Coverage focusing on the confirmation process ahead comes from Sean Sullivan and others at The Washington Post; Susan Davis at NPR; Tom Lo Bianco at CNN; Jeff Greenfield at Politico, as well as Burgess Everett and others and Seung Ming Kim; Michael McAuliff at The Huffington Post, along with Igor Bobic and Jennifer Bendery; and Stephen Dinan in The Washington Times.

Analysis of the impact of the appointment on the court comes from Peter Baker in The New York Times and Richard Wolf in USA Today.

Buzzfeed offers a series of looks at Gorsuch’s record in various areas of the law – Chris McDaniel examines death penalty cases; Hamza Shaban discusses cellphone privacy issues; while Zoe Tillman looks at Gorsuch’s first written opinion, in a criminal case involving an undocumented immigrant.

Commentary comes from the editorial board of The New York Times;  Advice and Consent (podcast); Ryan Owens in the Washington Examiner; Mark Pulliam at American Greatness, who focuses on the confirmation battle ahead; the editorial board of Bloomberg View, which also published op-eds by Stephen Carter and Noah Feldman; David Cohen of Rolling Stone; Ken Jost at Jost on Justice; Frank Bruni in The New York Times; J. Christian Adams at The Hill; Gina Chon at Reuters; Richard Primus in Politico; and Rick Hasen in the Election Law Blog; the editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal; Kevin Drum in Mother Jones; and Ed Whelan in The National Review.


  • At Casetext, Shaakirrah Sanders considers how the ‘constitutional implications of President Donald J. Trump’s first executive order on immigration’ may come up in the Supreme Court confirmation process.
  • At the Council of State Governments’ Knowledge Center blog, Lisa Soronen discusses Coventry Health Care of Missouri v. Nevils, in which the State and Local Legal Center has filed an amicus brief asking the court “to rule thatChevron deference does not apply when an agency is construing the scope of a statute’s preemption provision, absent Congress’s assent.”
  • At Bloomberg BNA, Chris Marr looks at American Business USA Corp. v. Florida Department of Revenue, a pending cert petition that asks the court to decide whether a state can collect sales tax on online sales of out-of-state products, noting that the “case offers an inverse approach to the vocal criticisms of the U.S. Supreme Court’s foundational physical-presence standard for when states may impose sales and use taxes.”
  • At Article 8, Daniel Hensel discusses a recent appearance by Justice Sonia Sotomayor at the University of Michigan, where Sotomayor received an honorary degree and participated in a university colloquium.

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