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With the new term, changes and new faces at the blog

Today is the first Monday in October – the official start to the Supreme Court’s new term.  As you may have noticed, there have been some changes here at the blog. With the departure of the inimitable Lyle Denniston, Amy Howe has moved over to covering the court full time, for both her own blog and for us. At the beginning of September, we welcomed Edith Roberts as our new full-time editor. Before coming to the blog, Edith served as (among other things) the Supreme Court editor of the Harvard Law Review, a clerk to then-Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a lawyer in private practice. She is a gifted writer and editor and a terrific colleague; we are delighted to have her on board. With Edith’s arrival, we have also adopted (as she explains in this post), a new – and, we hope, less idiosyncratic – style guide for the blog.

Although there have been some changes, our goal for the blog remains the same as it has been for over a decade: to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and non-partisan coverage of the Supreme Court. In particular, we will continue to work to make our coverage accessible to all of our readers, including non-lawyers. And as always, thanks for reading!

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