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This morning the Court issued three opinions in argued cases:

  • Mathis v. United States, holding that the use of state convictions to impose enhanced federal sentences under the Armed Career Criminal Act depends on whether the elements of the state offense match a generic covered offense;
  • Birchfield v. North Dakota, holding that the Fourth Amendment permits the government to require breath tests (but not blood tests) without a warrant when making a DUI arrest; and
  • Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, holding that the race-conscious admissions program in use when Abigail Fisher applied to the university is lawful under the Equal Protection Clause.

The Court also affirmed by an equally divided Court in two cases: United States v. Texas and Dollar General Corporation v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw IndiansMark Walsh provided a “view” from the Courtroom.

Lyle reported on the decisions in Fisher and United States v. Texas, and Amy on the decision in Birchfield.

Molly Runkle rounded up early coverage on the decision in Fisher and in Texas (and more).

Evan Lee will report on the decision in Mathis, and Ed Gehres on the decision in Dollar General.

We are also hosting two symposia, on the rulings in Fisher and United States v. Texas. The contributions to those symposia are available here and here, respectively.

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