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Evening round-up: Today’s opinion in Fisher v. University of Texas

This morning the Court issued its opinion in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, holding by a vote of four to three that the race-conscious admissions program in use when Abigail Fisher applied to the university is lawful under the Equal Protection Clause.  Lyle Denniston covered the opinion for this blog. Other early coverage of the opinion comes from Eyder Peralta of NPR, Pete Williams of NBC News, Lydia Wheeler of The Hill, Ariane de Vogue of CNN (who focuses on Justice Kennedy’s views on affirmative action in a second post), Adam Liptak of The New York Times, Lawrence Hurley of Reuters, Richard Wolf of USA Today, Jess Bravin and Brent Kendall of The Wall Street Journal, Jacob Gershman of The Wall Street Journal, Robert Barnes of The Washington Post, David G. Savage and Molly Hennessy-Fiske of the Los Angeles Times, Mark Sherman of the Associated Press, Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed, Josh Gerstein and Kimberly Hefling of Politico, Greg Stohr of Bloomberg, Cristian Farias of Huffington Post, Debra Cassens Weiss of ABA Journal, Bill Mears of Fox News, Mark Walsh of Education Week, and Daniel Fisher of Forbes.

Early commentary comes from Richard Primus for The New York Times, Ilya Shapiro at Cato at Liberty, and Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress, as well as Casey Quinlan, Jonathan Adler for The Volokh Conspiracy, Libby Nelson at Vox, Garrett Epps for The Atlantic, Lisa Soronen for International Municipal Lawyers Association, Ruthann Robson for Constitutional Law Prof Blog, Roger Clegg for National Review, Michael Dorf of Dorf on Law, Matt Ford of The Atlantic, R. Calder Huntington for The National Law Review, and Hera Arsen for Ogletree Deakins blog.

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