The Court issued the last decisions of the Term this morning.

  • A transcript of the live blog is here.
  • The opinion in United States v. Windsor holding that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, is here.
  • The opinion in Hollingsworth v. Perry holding that petitioners lacked standing to appeal from the district court’s order, is here.

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Kedar has posted the final stat pack for 2012.

Our reports on today’s decisions:

  • New Marty discusses the fate of same-sex marriage in California.
  • New Kevin has identified key excerpts from the Prop. 8 ruling.
  • New Tejinder has identified key excerpts from the DOMA ruling.
  • New Fabri has uploaded several videos taken outside the Court yesterday.
  •  Dan has an early round up of coverage on today’s decisions; Sam Barr has a round-up of more coverage from this afternoon and evening.
  • Lyle reports on California’s response to today’s rulings.
  • Amy breaks down the same-sex marriage rulings “In Plain English.
  • Lyle analyzes the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.
  • Mark reportes on the atmosphere inside the courtroom during the opinion announcements.
  • Amy has initial coverage “In Plain English” of the decision in United States v. Windsor and the decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry
  • Mike has initial coverage of Sekhar v. United States.
  • Dan has collected reactions on Twitter to today’s decisions.
  • Bloomberg is hosting a webinar on the impact of the decision in DOMA on employment benefits.

We will also be posting commentary and analysis from the below contributors (a link indicates their post is now available)

SCOTUS sketch : last day of 2012 term (Art Lien)

SCOTUS sketch : last day of 2012 term (Art Lien)

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