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A nod to technology

Accepting the reality that many people now keep in touch electronically by smaller hand-held devices than by desktops and laptops, the Supreme Court on Thursday said it is planning soon to change the way its own website appears on those ubiquitous mobile instruments.   When one using such a device goes to the website after the first of next month, the website will recognize the device, and adapt the image seen to the device’s display space.  Here is the Court’s statement of what it will be doing:

“The Supreme Court will launch new Website capabilities on June 1, 2012 to improve the mobile device user experience. The Court’s Website has always supported a variety of web browsers, but it will now detect the mobile device being used and will automatically adjust the display based on the screen size and orientation. This Website enhancement will make the Court’s site easier to read on a mobile device and improve user navigation on the site.”

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