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Friday round-up

Yesterday, SCOTUSblog and Bloomberg Law hosted a panel discussion to preview next month’s arguments in the health care cases.  Kali posted a Live Blog of the discussion; additional coverage comes from Greg Stohr of Bloomberg Businessweek and Jeremy Leaming of ACSblog.


  • Amanda has posted an academic round-up in which she discusses the role played by Yale Law School’s Ethics Bureau and a group of legal ethics experts as amici in Maples v. Thomas, in which the Court held that a death row inmate must be given a second chance to appeal his conviction after his lawyers abandoned him and thereby caused him to miss a crucial filing deadline.
  • At the Volokh Conspiracy, Orin Kerr considers whether the Court’s opinion in United States v. Jones (the GPA tracking case) modified traditional Fourth Amendment standing analysis.
  • Sherry F. Colb also discusses Jones at Verdict, where she compares the opinions by Justices Scalia and Alito, and at Dorf on Law, where she explores “judicial arrogance” in the Jones majority opinion.
  • In USA Today, Joan Biskupic reports on the role that Solicitor General Donald Verrelli will play in defending the Affordable Care Act before the Court.
  • Collin Young of the Boston Globe reports that a police investigation into the identity of the person(s) who robbed Justice Breyer in Nevis remains ongoing.

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