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Friday round-up

With the Court’s November sitting now over, news coverage of the Court has slowed down as well, although journalists and bloggers continue to discuss the cases argued this month.    At, a blog devoted to “the economics of digital content,” Joe Mullin explains why the publishing industry is paying close attention to Costco v. Omega, the copyright case argued on Monday.  And at, Jennifer Hendricks – following up on a question posed by Justice Scalia during Wednesday’s oral argument in Flores-Villar v. United States – considers the difference between a gender stereotype and reality. 

With the Obama Administration having filed a brief asking the Court to maintain the current stay of a federal district court’s order precluding enforcement of the military’s “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy, Jurist summarizes (with links to its recent coverage) the procedural history of the case. 

Justice Alito’s appearance at a fundraiser hosted by the American Spectator magazine has raised questions about the propriety of a Justice’s appearance at such events.  At the ABA Journal, Debra Cassens Weiss summarizes the story, including the blog post that initially raised the issue.

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