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Super Stat Pack OT09 available

Here (as one file) are all of our statistics, charts, and lists from the just-concluded October Term 2009.  That includes a list of all OT09 cases with questions presented and results, and a visual representation of voting lineups for all cases decided 5-4.  Our summary memo compiles the most interesting trends and data from this Term.

In addition to our regular offerings, we have added new charts: one breaking down 5-4 cases, a graph showing the pace of opinion releases, cross-Term analysis of individual Justices’ dissents and concurrences, a breakdown of cases by their subject-matter and vote split, and charts reflecting the success rate of the Solicitor General’s merits cases and invited recommendations at the cert. stage.

We also have a special mini-Stat Pack on Justice Stevens, in honor of his retirement.

All of the cross-Term statistics – which use SCOTUSblog Stat Packs going back to OT95 – and the case list are the work of the tremendous Kedar Bhatia of the Daily Writ.

We welcome any citation, republishing, or repurposing of these facts and figures.  We only ask that you acknowledge SCOTUSblog as the source.  You can download any individual data set below the jump.

Standard charts:

Additional charts, including cross-Term data:

Case lists:

For all of the blog’s statistics reports from OT95 onward, including our preliminary stats from OT09, please see our archives on SCOTUSwiki here.