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Today’s Orders | 1.12.09

Today’s orders list is now available here. The Court has invited the views of the Solicitor General in two cases, filings for which are available after the jump.

Docket: 08-448
Title: Cable News Network, Inc., et al., v. CSC Holdings, Inc., et al
Issue: Whether, under the Copyright Act of 1976, Cablevision’s on-demand service infringes the petitioners’ exclusive copyrights by copying, storing, and transmitting its programs without an additional license.


Docket: 08-576
Title: Fin-Ag v. Pipestone Livestock Auction Market
Issue: Whether a commission merchant or other purchaser of farm products is protected by the Food Security Act when the debtor sells secured farm products using a fictitious name that is neither registered nor listed in the UCC/EFS filing with the state.