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Blog Round-Up – Sunday, January 22nd

In nomination news:

Concurring Opinions has this post on the consequences of misleading the Judiciary Committee in the judicial nomination process.

The Fix, the Washington Posts’ politics blog has this post on pro-Alito ads targeting two Senate Democrats.

PrawfsBlawg has this post on this article in The New Republic. The editors of TNR have come out against Judge Alito’s confirmation.

Professor Bainbridge has this post titled, “No Nukes for Alito.”

Here the Election Law Blog has this post titled, “Judge Alito’s Views of Election Law: Clarified Only a Bit By His Written Responses to Judiciary Committee Questionnaire.”

Here one ACS member revisits some of the jurists who could have been selected to replace Justice O’Connor.

In other news:

The Buck Stops Here has this post analyzing Ayotte.

The Law & Society Weblog has this post on Dagher v. Saudi Refining and this post on Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. v, Reeder-Simco GMC, Inc.

ACSBlog has this post rounding-up coverage of the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Skeptic’s Eye and More Soft Money Hard Law comment on Justice Breyer’s reaction to the WRTL argument.

Law Culture has this post arguing that the Supreme Court should have the opportunity to weigh-in on the FISA/NSA controversy.

On a lighter note, the New York Times recently profiled David Lat of Underneath Their Robes. Concurring Opinions comments here.