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Briefly Noted :

On Tuesday at 10 a.m., the court will hear oral argument in Nestle USA v. Doe I and CIC Services v. IRS. Click here to tune in live.

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John Duffy is the Samuel H. McCoy II Professor of Law at University of Virginia School of Law.

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04.21.20 Opinion analysis: Supreme Court forecloses judicial review that could save “bad patent claims,” while dissent bemoans a “rough day” for judicial power
12.10.19 Argument analysis: “Small potatoes” or not, court explores the meaning of the “presumption of judicial review”
12.02.19 Argument preview: A claim of unreviewable discretion for an agency under a cloud of constitutional doubt
06.13.17 Opinion analysis: The Supreme Court reverses another Federal Circuit patent case
04.28.17 Argument analysis: The Supreme Court struggles with the ACA’s patent provisions
04.24.17 Argument preview: The ACA returns to the Supreme Court (this time disguised as a hugely complex patent case)
02.23.17 Opinion analysis: A “substantial portion of the components” means “more than one component”
12.07.16 Argument analysis: The word “substantial” may mean “a whole lot”
11.29.16 Argument preview: Is there a substantial chance the justices will affirm the Federal Circuit’s reading of “substantial”?
03.06.16 Tribute: Justice Scalia’s hapless law clerk
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