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Court releases names of law clerks for 2021-22 term

As the justices ended their business for the 2020-21 term and began their summer recess on Friday, the court announced the names of the law clerks slated to work for each justice next term.

Here are the clerks for the 2021-22 term, which will begin in October.

Chief Justice John Roberts:

  • Samuel Adkission
  • Christina Gay
  • Maxwell Gottschall
  • Dennis Howe

Justice Clarence Thomas:

  • Christopher Goodnow
  • Steven Lindsay
  • Michael Proctor
  • Jose Valle

Justice Stephen Breyer:

  • Elizabeth Deutsch
  • Erika Hoglund
  • Diana Kim
  • Joel Wacks

Justice Samuel Alito:

  • Shelby Baird
  • Thomas Gaiser
  • Eric Palmer
  • Edward West Jr.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor:

  • Whitney Brown
  • Amit Jain
  • Katherine Munyan
  • Kelley Schiffman

Justice Elena Kagan:

  • Jennifer Fischell
  • Alexandra Lim
  • Christine Smith
  • Andrew Waks

Justice Neil Gorsuch:

  • Stephanie Barclay
  • Louis Capozzi
  • Mark Storslee
  • John Thompson

Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

  • Alexa Baltes
  • Athanasia Livas
  • Jennifer Pavelec
  • Sarah Welch

Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

  • Libby Baird
  • Mike Heckmann
  • Max Schulman
  • Zachary Tyree

Justice Kennedy (retired):

  • Elizabeth Nielson

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