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Monday round-up

The Supreme Court will hear five cases this week in what will be the court’s final oral arguments of 2020. In Monday’s session, the justices will hear two cases that were brought by Holocaust survivors and involve important issues of international law. The survivors — or their heirs — are seeking compensation for valuable art and other property that was seized by or sold to Germany and Hungary during the Holocaust. Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp asks whether U.S. courts have jurisdiction to resolve claims arising from a foreign country’s alleged confiscation of property from its own nationals within its own borders. Both Germany and Republic of Hungary v. Simon ask whether U.S. courts can and should abstain from resolving such claims under the doctrine of “international comity.” Our preview of the jurisdictional question in Germany is here. Our preview of the comity question in both Germany and Hungary is here.

Oral arguments begin at 10 a.m. EST. Before that, at 9:30 a.m., the court is expected to release orders from its private conference last Friday.

Here’s a round-up of other Supreme Court-related news and commentary from around the web:

[Disclosure: Goldstein & Russell, P.C., whose attorneys contribute to SCOTUSblog in various capacities, is among counsel for Rosalie Simon and the other plaintiffs in Hungary v. Simon. The author of this article is not affiliated with the firm.]

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