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Tuesday round-up

The first day of the Supreme Court’s 2020-21 term was a busy one. An eight-justice court heard oral arguments (via telephone) in Carney v. Adams, a First Amendment case about whether Delaware can choose its state judges based on party affiliation, and Texas v. New Mexico, a dispute about water rights along the Pecos River. In the first case, Amy Howe reports for SCOTUSblog (in a story first published at Howe on the Court), the justices seemed skeptical of Delaware’s party-affiliation rules but also were concerned about the challenger’s legal standing. In the second case, Reed Benson writes that most members of the court seemed inclined to side with New Mexico. Also on Monday, the court released a long list of orders, which contained no new cert grants but called for the views of the federal government in three cases and contained a notable statement from Justice Clarence Thomas criticizing the court’s 2015 ruling on same-sex marriage. And on Monday night, in an emergency order, the court reinstated a South Carolina requirement for voters to sign absentee-ballot envelopes in the presence of a witness.

Here are some other links of note on the court’s new term:

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