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Thursday round-up


  • At CBS News, Melissa Quinn reports that progressive organizations — mimicking a strategy used by conservatives in recent years – are invoking the Supreme Court as an issue to drive voter turnout. The progressive groups, Quinn writes, have “succeeded in convincing establishment Democrats that the Supreme Court could be critical in motivating voters, made evident by its inclusion in the party’s platform this year.”
  • In the second essay in a series at Just Security on the court’s 2019-20 term, Andy Wright argues that one “small, inaccurate assertion” in the court’s opinion in Trump v. Mazars “could profoundly strengthen attorney-client privilege claims before Congress.”
  • Now that presumptive Democratic president nominee Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, Mario Loyola argues in the National Review that Harris’ past statements expressing openness to expanding the size of the Supreme Court “deserve a lot more attention than they’ve gotten.”

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