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In Recess #1: “Crushing Negs”

This episode is the first entry in our summer series, which we’re calling “In Recess.” We talk about our exciting new partnership with SCOTUSblog, introduce new listeners to the show, and receive some harsh feedback on our theme music. We discuss the latest happenings in Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project, as well as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s public comments about the case. We preview the court’s October calendar, which has a bunch of big-ticket cases that we’re watching closely. And we interview superstar Supreme Court advocate Kannon Shanmugam of Williams & Connolly, who talks about what it was like being on the winning end of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first majority opinion in Henson v. Santander and more.

First Mondays is a podcast about the Supreme Court.  In a partnership announced last week, SCOTUSblog will post each new episode, which can also be found on the First Mondays website.

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