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SCOTUSblog announces partnership with First Mondays

As SCOTUSblog approaches its 15th birthday in October, we have been reflecting on how we might be able to expand the blog’s offerings. Many of our readers have asked why we don’t offer a regular podcast to update our audience on the doings of the Supreme Court. We think that’s a good question: Podcasts allow listeners to gather information as they go about their business – in the car or at the supermarket or doing chores around the house – without carving out time to read a blog post. And rather than reinventing the wheel, we thought it would make sense to offer a platform to an established podcast that, like SCOTUSblog, tries to make the Supreme Court accessible to a wide range of people. So we’re excited to announce that we are embarking on a partnership with First Mondays, a well-regarded podcast that is wrapping up its first year of episodes about the Supreme Court.

The co-hosts of First Mondays, Ian Samuel and Dan Epps, bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to their podcast. Ian is a Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia. Dan, who clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy, is an Associate Professor of Law at Washington University in St. Louis. Beginning next Monday morning, July 31, we’ll be putting every new First Mondays episode, along with the accompanying show notes, on the blog for our readers to enjoy. Ian and Dan will maintain complete editorial independence, and SCOTUSblog will gain an additional resource to help achieve our goal of providing comprehensive and insightful coverage of the court.

Yesterday, Ian and Dan sat down with Eric Citron, a partner at Goldstein & Russell and frequent SCOTUSblog contributor, and Andrew Hamm, our blog manager. They talked about, among other things, the First Mondays origin story, the challenge of providing information and analysis that is both accurate and accessible, and how the First Mondays/SCOTUSblog partnership will work. The audio of the interview is below. As always, thanks for reading (and listening).

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