• In The New York Times, Michael Wines reports that what “seemed like an important victory for voting rights advocates on Monday when the Supreme Court declined to reconsider an appellate decision striking down North Carolina’s restrictive voting law” may have simply “postponed a showdown over what kind of voting rules are acceptable and how much influence partisanship should have over access to the ballot box.”
  • Constitution Daily marks the May 17 anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, decided on that date in 1954, “perhaps the most famous of all Supreme Court cases.”
  • At the Workplace Prof Blog, Jeff Hirsch discusses Clark v. Virginia Department of State Police, a pending cert petition on which the court this week asked the acting solicitor general to weigh in that raises the issue of “whether Congress can use its war powers to abrogate state sovereign immunity”; Hirsch argues that if, as the court has held, “Congress can use its bankruptcy power to abrogate then surely it can use its war powers as well.”

  • At Slate, Mark Joseph Stern maintains that Justice Neil “Gorsuch’s ascension to the high court may well be Trump’s most influential act as president,” causing “the consequences of the Trump presidency … to affect Americans’ lives for generations to come.”
  • At the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Liberty Blog, Ethan Blevins urges the court to review a challenge to “a federal program in the Small Business Act that allows the Small Business Administration to set aside government contracts for ‘socially and economically disadvantaged’ small business owners,” contending that “[t]his wholesale delegation of legislative power to an administrative agency raises serious concerns about both the separation of powers and equal protection.” 

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