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Afternoon round-up: First day of Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee held the first day of its hearing on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Early coverage of today’s proceedings, which featured opening statements by senators and the nominee, comes from Matt Flegenheimer, Carl Hulse, Charlie Savage and Adam Liptak of The New York Times, Lawrence Hurley and Andrew Chung of Reuters, Laura Litvan and Greg Stohr of Bloomberg, Ed O’Keefe, Robert Barnes and Sean Sullivan of The Washington Post, Erica Werner and Mark Sherman of the Associated Press and David Savage of the Los Angeles Times. Early commentary comes from Noah Feldman of Bloomberg View.

Tomorrow, questioning by senators will begin. Ilya Shapiro for The Federalist and Steven Mazie for The Economist’s Democracy in America blog suggest questions they believe senators should ask the nominee. For Cato at Liberty, Shapiro also lays out what to look for during the hearing.

Other coverage of Gorsuch’s nomination comes from Arnie Seipel and Nina Totenberg of NPR and from Bill Mears of Fox News, who reviews Neil Gorsuch’s judicial record, his extensive preparation, and pre-hearing attempts by Democrats to oppose the nomination.

Additional commentary on Gorsuch’s nomination comes from Elizabeth Wydra for The Hill, David Gans for the Waco Tribune-Herald (also New Republic), and Akhil Reed Amar for The New York Times, Mark Gitenstein for The Washington Post, Kenneth Jost for his eponymous blog, Leah Litman at Take Care, who also writes a second piece with Amir Ali for Take Care, Ryan Black and Ryan Owens for The Washington Post, David Brock from Politico Magazine, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for the Boston Globe, Lee Saunders for The Hill, Raul Reyes for NBC News, Judith Schaeffer for The Huffington Post, Joan McCarter for Daily Kos, Rebecca Leber for Mother Jones and Dahlia Lithwick for Slate.

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