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Thursday round-up

Mark Sherman of the Associated Press (via PBS NewsHour) looks at the presidential candidates’ positions on Supreme Court nominees, while at Real Clear Politics William Bennett argues that – although there are “many good reasons” to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump – “nothing on the home front is more important than the Supreme Court.”


  • At his Election Law Blog, Rick Hasen reports on the latest developments in Shapiro v. McManus, in which the Court ruled that a three-judge district court must be convened in constitutional challenges to the apportionment of congressional districts.
  • Elsewhere at Election Law Blog, Hasen notes two other developments relating to election law: first, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimmel announced that he will not seek Supreme Court review of a Seventh Circuit ruling on early voting in that state; and, second, an emergency motion has been filed “to get the Johnson/Weld ticket on the Ohio ballot listed as Libertarians.”
  • In Supreme Court Brief (subscription required), Tony Mauro reports that the Justices appointed “Chicago lawyer Adam Mortara to argue in an upcoming case brought by Travis Beckles, a Miami man challenging the federal sentencing guidelines for career offenders.”
  • At Education Week (subscription or registration may be required), Mark Walsh reports that, in the wake of the Court’s order halting an injunction that would have allowed a transgender student who identifies as a boy to use the boys’ bathroom when school resumes, the “debate over which restroom transgender students may use at school is now playing out in the nation’s courtrooms, presenting a lot of uncertainty for school leaders just as millions of students return to classrooms for the new academic year.”

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